DentySurg is a Canadian organization that holds a Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) issued by Health Canada,
working primarily in the medical industry with some of the most reputable and leading manufacturers of the world.

We are a trusted supplier and distributor of dental and surgical products, specializing in instruments and supplies.
Offering a centralized solution for all your needs, providing an innovative structure that empowers
healthcare professionals to take actions that enhance efficiency and boost productivity.

Our unique business model is what sets us apart. It helps us deliver products of the finest quality at most competitive
prices to dental and medical practitioners all over the world. We also work with distributors and provide bulk discounts.

We recognize that the value of time and productivity are imperative in the modern world and there are many challenges healthcare professionals must overcome in order to achieve excellence in their field. We at DentySurg help them not only in overcoming these challenges but conquering them so they can concentrate solely on their goals.

Focusing on innovation and striving to be the best is fundamental to us,
and our company’s commitment to it is unparalleled.


We thrive on building and maintaining client relationships with respect and integrity.
Meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations is our principal belief.

Client’s satisfaction with our products and services is what drives us towards continuing growth. Priority remains in providing them with unmatched savings and delivering best-in-class service.

scissors used for surgeries


“To be the helping hand that you can rely upon.”